photographic studio set ups

People ask us all the time how do we create such wonderful unique photographs, so this gave me an idea for a post on our Blog.
Below you will see 4 photographs, two wide angle photographs to show the lighting set up and 2 finished images using this lighting pattern.
Now for the technical stuff…… for this studio portrait set up we have used 4 studio lights (all suspended on our ceiling track rod system), a reflector, on the main light we are using a soft box, one hair light from above, one backlight that illuminates the background slightly to separate the black shirt/top from the background and one accent light coming in from the right. Now all we need to do is get our subject, in this case Anthony, the correct distance for our lighting, add some personality then of course the most important bit, wait for the right moment to push a trigger to take the picture.
Let me know if this helps and I might do some more……