Here at Peter Dyer Photographs we get asked all the time about newborn photography shoots.

For me, not only do I love doing a Newborn photography shoot, but, being a dad of two, it takes me back to the overwhelming joy and instant love I experienced when I held both of my baby boys for the first time. I know just how long you have waited to meet your baby and how you wish you could freeze time to cherish your baby’s first days forever. 

The best time to have your newborn photographed is in the first 14 days to capture their perfect nose, their tiny toes and the cute sleepy poses. 

As the first few days pass by in a blur of feeding & sleepless nights your newborn is already starting to grow and change.

Sooner than you know it tiny fingers and toes will become chubby and your newborn will never be as small as they once were.

Capturing this moment in time is precious and that’s what you can do here at Peter Dyer Photographs. We can create a beautiful reminder of those precious first days to treasure forever, a reminder to bring you back to your first days of being a parent, a reminder of the joy you felt when you realised you are a mummy or daddy and your life has changed forever.

We can never get this time back……

Children as they grow LOVE  to see photographs of themselves on display as it reminds them how much they were wanted and how loved they are – at least that’s how our boys feel!

I would love to have a chat about  your newborn session

JOEL (Photographer/Proud Father/Happy Husband)