We often get asked about what is best to wear for your studio shoot, and whilst the MOST important thing is that you're comfortable and you like what you're wearing, here are some more tips which will affect the artistic success of any portrait.

What To Wear?

As we create beautiful photographs and portraits in our Enfield studio, we also aim to give you the best family experience, from start to finish, so that you can potentially create a legacy of memories with your family photo shoots. 

As an experienced, qualified family photographer, Joel has the ability to make your family photoshoot as relaxed, formal or as fun as you would like. Being a father of two boys and a London wedding photographer, Joel has the ability to get the best out of adults and children alike. So whether you’re creating memories from the beginning with a maternity photoshoot, a newborn or baby photoshoot, or you’re at a later stage in your families’ life with ever developing children’s personalities, or let’s fast forward to that proud moment when your children are graduating already and it’s that ‘must have’ family photo…….there is always a special time to capture! For all questions, queries and enquiries, just drop Debbie an email on:


Planning your portrait can help Joel create your own personal artwork.

The goal of any fine portrait is to direct the viewer’s attention to the face or faces of the portrait.  So we advise you to avoid:

  • bold stripes,
  • big logos,
  • busy patterns
  • and overly bright colours which can overpower the faces and ruin a portrait.

Simple clothing photographs best, darker shades can be more flattering and slimming, whilst long sleeves can prevent bare arms calling attention to themselves

Babies & Little Ones

Wraps and blankets work very well for newborns (and we have a selection if you don't have your own). Little ones always photograph best in simple clothing that doesn’t distract from their delicate features. Whites and pastels are a classic choice as well as using your favourite play clothes, cuddlies and props.


We encourage you to bring in favourite props that might express your child's individuality, interests and personality which can shine through in understated clothing.


Clothing and props that show moods, interests and achievements work well for this age group.

Couples, Siblings & Families

Clothing should always be coordinated when there is going to be more than one person ina portrait. A style should be chosen (perhaps either all dress smartly or all dress casually) and coordinate your colours so that they are within the same tonal range. Coordination like this will mean that no single member of the family stands out because their clothing is too light or bright compared to the rest of the group. (See our own contrasting family shots).

Hair & Make-up

If you are having your haircut for your shoot, try to have it done at least a week prior to your session. It is always best to apply your makeup as you usually would before your shoot and then retouch if needed.

Changing Area

We do have a small changing room for your use if you do wish to change outfits. We recommend a maximum of one/two changes, particularly with children, as it can unsettle them and too many changes takes up photography time in the session.