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A lot of people lately have been calling our photographic studio in Enfield, North London regarding passport photographs, I.D. photos and visa photographs asking if we can do different countries or types.

So this is a quick blog to talk about passport photographs as not every country has the same requirements.


At Peter Dyer Photographs we can do whatever you need. If our Passport software does not have the exact information (i.e. a Romanian I.D. Card) you can give us the requirements for the specific country, we can make it in photoshop and then print it to size. The list of differences for passport photos,, photos for visas and immigration photographs sizes are endless.


Passports last for ten years for adults or five years for children, so it is worth getting it right.

Booths can be hit and miss – one client said she gave up with a booth last week as her child would not sit still! Do you want to risk getting your photographs rejected due to something like this?


To have your passport photograph taken at Peter Dyer Photographs, we recommend booking an appointment in advance on 020 8363 2456 or call on the day to check that a photographer is available and the portrait studio is free.

The entire process usually takes around fifteen minutes, although we’re happy to give extra time to tiny babies and children. You can preview the images on the camera screen before printing so you can choose the best expression (although you’re not allowed to smile now unless you are under five years old). We print these images on matt photographic paper as required by the passport office while you wait.


We have easy disabled access into our studio.


◦   Over 70 countries’ sizes covered on our software

◦   U.K. Passport and Visa Photos

◦   U.S. Passport and Visa Photos (prints and digital available)

◦   India Passport and Visa Photos

◦   Canadian Passport and Visa Photos

◦   Greek Passport and Visa Photos

◦   Netherlands Passport and Visa Photos

◦   Polish Passport and Visa Photos

◦   Estonia Passport and Visa Photos

◦   Finland Passport and Visa Photos

◦   Brazilian Passport and Visa Photos

◦   Baby Passport Photos and Visa Photos


◦   We also offer promotions for Studio Portraits

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Baby Passport photographs
Peter Dyer Photographs Baby passport photographs
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