Enfield's Archive

As one of the longest standing businesses in Enfield, with over 40 years photographing, we have captured and kept safe so many people's memories.

Our archive goes back to about 1977 and it’s full of precious wedding images, studio shoots and much much more.

Back then, everything was photographed on negative – but we have stored these negatives and they can now be scanned and digitalised to create anything from prints, to wall art, to a brand new wedding album!

Who remembers Super-Imposing?

Joel’s Dad, Peter Dyer, was one of those responsible for bringing the art of super-imposing to the UK wedding industry. 

This art of creating unique wedding images made Peter Dyer Photographs extremely popular, with this type of photograph becoming a must have for bride and grooms.

How it Works & What You Will Need

To retrieve your memories from our archive you will need the surname/s of who the wedding, studio or event was booked under and the date (or approximate one). We will then be able to check our comprehensive manual records for your unique reference number.

Once we have found your shoot in our records, we can then offer a full archive search @ £15. This includes the search, set up and view of the negatives at our studio.

Individual images can be chosen to be printed, albums can be made or we can quote for a whole wedding, studio or event to be digitalised.

If you believe we have your memories, drop Debbie an email on info@peterdyerphotos.co.uk