Copy Work

More and more we're being asked if we can reprint personal photographs or if there is "anything you can do" with old, worn, faded or even torn photographs.
The answer is - yes in many cases!

Copy Work is another side of our Enfield business and as members of many governing photographic bodies, we strictly adhere to copyright regulations. If your photograph was taken by a professional rather than personally,  permission to copy needs to be sought & verified before we can scan or print the image. (Often there will be some kind of marking on the back of an image to indicate if it was professionally taken).

How It Works and Copy Work Prices

To book an appointment to have your photographs or negatives assessed, please email Debbie on:

We charge £10 per photograph scanned with prints starting at £15 for an 8×6 inch print and £20 for a 10×8 inch print.

Large photographs and  Wall Art are available but viability will depend on the quality of image otherwise distortion or pixelation will occur.

Photograph Restoration

We also offer the possibility of restoration where imperfections such as scratches, marks and some torn elements are improved. We can even remove objects or people from the background of some images!

Digital manipulation work starts at £25.

Please use the arrows right and left to see the "before & after" of these images.

We do not offer the process of changing black & white photographs to colour.