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Graphistudio Albums

We use Graphistudio for our wedding albums which is a family run business based in Italy. They work in partnership with professional photographers using the finest materials combined with ground-breaking technology to give you the ultimate handmade heirloom of your treasured memories.

The Graphistudio Italian Wedding album company only works with Professional Photographers and their albums are thought to be the best wedding & portrait albums in the world. Graphi were the first company to design the ‘lay-flat’ pages for an album which later became known as the sought after ‘storybook album’.

Peter Dyer Photographs has had the pleasure & privilege of working with Graphistudio since the beginning of their UK venture – we were the 7th company to sign up to one of the most innovative album companies in the world.

All of our Graphistudio albums are designed on a bespoke basis, in-house, without the use of templates to ensure your album design is truly unique!

Graphistudio also offer an outstanding range of album sizes, fabrics and colours with fantastic options on duplicate parent and guest albums available.

Graphistudio Youngs Album

The Graphistudio Youngs album is modern, sleek and elegant.

Not only does it have a huge range of the Graphistudio options available to it – perhaps one of it’s most attractive features is the option to add the innovative .MOV video screen to the box.

The combination of the beautiful Youngs album with the .MOV gives a blend of photography with videography when your photographs are displayed on your very own video slideshow. The experience is unique!

Original Graphistudio Album

The Original Graphistudio Wedding Book is a result of a 20 year journey of discovery providing world class quality and an exceptional product. 

This album provides the largest choice of formats, papers and covers which is so amazing, it has to be seen to be believed. It’s not just about the colour of an album, it’s about the touch and feel of the various options which will truly make your album your own.

Favoured cover options include the Aluminium photographic, the Crystal Glance (acrylic) photographic, or the Soft Silk photographic shown here – but the choices don’t end there!

We offer a full album consultation at our studio to enable you to view and choose all the fine details for your album.

Graphistudio Hardback Books

The hardback album is perfect for Weddings, Portraits & Parties. 

The main album is a 30×20 cm size with parent & guest copies available in smaller sizes.

Designed in-house on a bespoke basis making not only your images unique, but also your album layout.


Art Box & Parent Copies

There are boxes for albums and then there is the “ART BOX’ which is a stunningly designed piece of art in itself.

The Art Box is designed to lay flat or stand to show off your chosen artwork. It can be designed to match the cover of your album, or you can choose something totally different to wrap around the box.

Parent copies of your main album are also extremely popular. There are several size choices for duplicates available (from A4 to handbag size) and they make a fabulous keepsake for your loved ones. 

Graphistudio Go Books

These are one of the latest products to come out of Graphistudio. The Go Book, with it’s transparent acrylic cover that holds the album in it’s box, is designed to stand as display art. These albums are extremely popular as they have a wide range of bright unique colours. There’s flexibility to make the box a different colour from the spine and back of the book and you choose your favourite photograph to be displayed on the cover.

Only available in a lustre (matt) print finish.

USB Presentation Box

In this digital age your event or studio images can be sent directly to you via an easy digital transfer which is fast, efficient and kept in your cloud.

However, we’ve found that many clients also like the option of having something tangible to keep and treasure their memories.

For this reason, we can also offer the option of having all your images on our specialist USB in our beautiful presentation box. 

USB Print box

USB & Print Box

These beautiful USB and print boxes come in two different print sizes, 8×6 inch or 10×8 inch, with black, ivory or white mounts to display your favourite photographs.

There are various colours available with the option to add your own personal wording.

They are are fast becoming a firm favourite as an  alternative to an album for those couples or parents who wish to take out their mounted photographs and display them individually around their home.

Baby Books

These fantastic Baby Books are a brilliant choice for a collection of wedding images, or they make a wonderful choice for family photographs from a studio shoot.

These books are 20x20cm in size, have a range of 28 different colours to choose from, come with the choice of either Lustre (matt)  or Tintoretto (art) paper and can have your choice of words incorporated into the design with the option of a photographic cover. 

These wonderful books are popular to hold images from our “year in the life of a child” studio sessions.

Baby Book